A library to make working with the Bing Ads APIs and bulk services easy

pip install bingads==12.0.3


Bing Ads Python SDK

The Bing Ads Python Software Development Kit (SDK) Version 12.0 enhances the experience of developing Bing Ads applications with the Python programming language. The SDK includes proxy classes for all Bing Ads API web services and abstracts the low level details of authentication with OAuth. You can also read and write bulk files with the SDK BulkFileReader and BulkFileWriter, and use the high level BulkServiceManager interface to abstract and execute operations in the low level Bulk API. For more information, see Bing Ads Client Libraries.

Getting Started

To get started developing Bing Ads applications with Python, install the SDK and either start with the examples or follow one of the application walkthroughs. For more information, see Getting Started Using Python with Bing Ads Services.

External Dependencies