Tool for generating brainlabs.yaml files.

pip install blyaml==31


Brainlabs YAML Generator

A CLI to create Brainlabs YAML files interactively.

Primarily powered by PyInquirer.

This is an internal Brainlabs tool. While it may be interesting to see an implementation of PyInquirer, it will not be usefully useable outside of Brainlabs.


  • Dynamic questions based on previous answers
  • Prefilled selection lists that get their values from the Sesame API
  • Multiselect and single select lists
  • Offline caching of lists
  • Answer validation
  • Saves your yaml to a file
  • Copies your yaml into the clipboard
  • Valdiates your yaml with the Sesame API

Install from PyPI

pip3 install -U blyaml

Install from local files

make install



This should start an interactive CLI which asks you questions. You will need the Sesame API token, take it from the announcement post or speak to James F or Sam D U .


Currently has testing for validators, but not much of the core functionality.

make test

Update on PyPI

Update version in

make deploy

Currently published under the JamesF user on PyPI.


The tool also creates a hidden folder in your home directory.

pip3 uninstall blyaml
rm -rf ~/.blyaml

Technical File Structure

The project primarily exists in the blyaml folder.

The main file runs the CLI using PyInquirer. contains functions that return lists of dictionaries of PyInquirer structured questions. contains Validator classes that are used by the questions, and validation functions used by the validators. contains functions that return lists of choices to be used in the questions. Most of these lists come from the Sesame API and are cached locally using shelve. contains functions that process the PyInquirer answers dict into a brainlabs.yaml format YAML str.