Radically simple app initialization

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pip install boil==0.3.1



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Initialization of new software projects should be quick and easy. Period.

Boil aims to build a centralized, pluggable and community-driven repository of project templates for various technologies, managed via single API.

These are the problems that it aims to solve:

  • Wasting time on initializing new software projects from scratch

    In particular: creating a file structure, checking naming conventions, determining dependencies and completing basic metadata.

  • Poor quality and lack of consistency between projects

    Most developers initiate projects in their own way without complying with generally accepted standards. Often due to lack of time, projects are initialized neglectfully, have no maintenance-friendly structure and are poorly documented.

  • Burden of bootstrapping tools

    Separate app generator for Ansible, Django, or Rails. Switching between one and the other may be troublesome considering the variety of APIs and different configuration options for each tool.


Use pip or easy_install:

$ pip install boil


$ boil
    boil list
    boil search <phrase>
    boil new <plate_name> [--target-dir=<dir>]
    boil -h | --help

    --target-dir=<dir>  Target directory where project files should be

List all available plates:

$ boil list

Search for plates:

$ boil search <phrase>

Initialize new project from selected plate:

$ boil new <plate_name>


List all available plates:

$ boil list

Search for Python-related plates:

$ boil search python

Initialize new Python package:

$ boil new python_package

Initialize new Django app:

$ boil new django_app

Initialize new Rails app:

$ boil new rails_app

Initialize new Ruby gem:

$ boil new gem

Initialize new Bash command-line tool:

$ boil new bash_cli

Initialize new Ansible role:

$ boil new ansible_role

Initialize new plate:

$ boil new plate


All notable changes to this project are documented in the CHANGELOG.