The Core System for General-purpose Brain Dynamics Programming Framework.

brainpy, brain, simulation, brain-inspired, computing, brain-dynamics-modeling
pip install braincore==0.0.3


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braincore implements the core system for the next generation of BrainPy framework.

Compared to BrainPy 2.0, braincore provides a range of distinctive features that facilitate precise, convenient, and high-performance modeling of large-scale brain dynamics. These notable features encompass:

  1. Robust program transformations built upon a straightforward and intuitive State system, enabling powerful computations.
  2. Integration of physical units, ensuring seamless compatibility with brain science data and enhancing the accuracy of simulations.
  3. Utilization of advanced and precise numerical differential equation solvers, enabling accurate representation of complex brain dynamics.
  4. Support for parallelization across multiple devices, facilitating efficient computation and enabling scalability for large-scale simulations.

By leveraging these unique capabilities, braincore empowers researchers and scientists to conduct comprehensive and accurate analyses of brain dynamics on a larger scale, fostering advancements in the understanding of the intricate workings of the brain.


You can install braincore via pip:

pip install braincore --upgrade


The official documentation is hosted on Read the Docs:

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