A Python Thread Pool and a Scheduled Executor

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pip install breadpool==0.0.5


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A Python Thread Pool and a Scheduled Executor

BreadPool intends to simply provide implementations for a thread pool and a scheduled executor, with easy to use interfaces and thread safety. Yes, it is a simple code to write your own implementations for these, however it can be a lot easier if they come in a pip install.

Installing BreadPool

BreadPool can be installed from the Python Package Index.

pip install breadpool


The ThreadPool class is a simple thread pool implementation. It will initially create a set of worker threads and when assigned tasks, the worker threads will take over and execute the tasks.

Creating a ThreadPool

from breadpool.pool import ThreadPool

1 - number of threads to spawn
2 - An identifying name to be assigned to the threads
3 - daemon, True if you want the threads to immediately terminate when the main thread terminates. This is set to False by default
4 - polling_timeout is the timeout for the worker threads to blockingly wait for the task queue
thread_pool = ThreadPool(5, "CustomThreadPool", polling_timeout=1)

Enqueuing tasks

The tasks should be implemented by extending the AbstractRunnable class. BreadPool provides a simple implementation of the AbstractRunnable class called EasyTask which accepts a function as the task to be executed.

from breadpool.pool import ThreadPool, EasyTask

def func_test():
    time.sleep(random.randint(1, 5))
et = EasyTask(func_test)
thread_pool = ThreadPool(5, "CustomThreadPool", daemon=True)

Extending AbstractRunnable

Or if your task is too complex for a simple function, you can extend the AbstractRunnable class and write your own task implementation.

from breadpool.pool import AbstractRunnable

class CustomTask(AbstractRunnable):
    def execute(self):
        # task steps

    def __init__(self):
        # task initialization


This is a simple scheduled executor for tasks of type AbstractRunnable. It will periodically and repeatedly execute the given task with at least the given time interval.


from breadpool.pool import ThreadPool, ScheduledJobExecutor, EasyTask

thread_pool = ThreadPool(3, "CustomThreadPool", polling_timeout=20)
counter_queue = Queue()
scheduled_executor = ScheduledJobExecutor(
    EasyTask(lambda(l): counter_queue.put(l), "Test %s" % time.time()),


Python Support

BreadPool supports only Python 2.7 (for now).


BreadPool is an Apache v2.0 licensed project.

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