File movement utility

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pip install buffalofq==0.0.3


BuffaloFQ - a method of moving files via a file system queue

The objective of BuffaloFQ is to provide a very simple and reliable method of moving files around an architecture.

Background, Examples, and FAQ

Please see the Wiki: https://github.com/kenfar/buffalofq/wiki


$ pip install buffalofq


Most configuration is handled through a simple yaml file, that is kept in the xdg-compliant config directory. On linux this would be:

  • $HOME/.config/buffalofq_mover/[config-name1].yml
  • $HOME/.config/buffalofq_mover/[config-name2].yml
  • $HOME/.config/buffalofq_mover/[config-name3].yml

Config example:

  • name: ids_to_load #
  • status: enabled # choices are: enabled, disabled
  • polling_seconds: None # delay in seconds between checks for new files, defaults to 300
  • limit_total: -1 # choices: -1 (run continuously), 0 (run until source_dir is empty), [some number] run until this number have been moved.
  • port: None # defaults to 22
  • key_filename: None # defaults to id_buffalofq_rsa
  • log_dir: /data/logs # location buffalofq_mover will write its logs
  • log_level: None # choices are: info, warning, error, critical, defaults to debug
  • sort_key: time # choices are: None, name, or name of a field within filename, defaults to None
  • source_host: localhost # must be localhost at this time
  • source_user: None # not yet used, defaults to current userid
  • source_dir: /data/output #
  • source_fn: '*' # wild-card for selecting source files
  • source_post_dir: /data/archive #
  • source_post_action: move # choices: move, delete, None
  • dest_host: datawarehouse #
  • dest_user: None # used to log into dest_host, defaults to current userid
  • dest_dir: /data/input #
  • dest_fn: None # needed if dest_post_action is symlink or move
  • dest_post_dir: None # not used yet
  • dest_post_action: None # choices: symlink, move, None


To run once, you can simply run it like:

  • $ ./buffalofq_mover --config-name [config-name1]

A trivial way to keep it running continuously:

  • $ nohup ./buffalofq_mover --config-name [config-name1] &