Buildbot site navigation plugin

pip install buildbot-sitenav==0.1.0


Buildbot Sitenav


A very simple buildbot UI plugin providing a menu-item with configurable links. This plugin is intended to help integrate the buildbot master web interface with some larger site structure. For example, you can add links to your code review / code hosting service, bug tracker, discussion page, etc.

Screenshot of the buildbot UI menu including the sitnav plugin.


Install the buildbot-sitenav package into the python environment you use for executing the buildbot master. That probably means something like this:

pip install buildbot-sitenav

Add the plugin to the 'www' config section of master.cfg for your buildmaster. e.g.:

c['www'] = {
    "plugins": {
        "waterfall_view": {},
        "console_view": {},
        "grid_view": {},
        "sitenav": {
          "label" : "Navigation",
          "links" : [
            ["home", "/"],
            ["gerrit", "/gerrit"],
            ["forum", "/forum"]

The config dictionary for the sitenav plugin includes two keys:

  • 'label': optional, specifies the text to use for the button label in the menu. The default is "Site Nav".
  • 'links': required, specifies a list of links to add in the submenu. Each item in the list is a pair (a list of two elements), composed of ["<label>", "<url>"].


The author of this plugin actually knows practically nothing about angularJS so this plugin is probably implemented in a dumb way. Hopefully you find it useful anyway.