Catho file catalog manager

pip install catho==0.1



Catho is a catalog utility inspired by the awesome Robert Vasicek's Cathy project. The idea is to have an util to save the catalog of the different files that you have in different media, volumes, network places, etc, that you can search, and update locally without having to put or connect to such media.

Or put in other words, it's my excuse to hack some python. Yes, yes I promised to do it in haskell, but i don't have time now :P.




For python < 2.7 pip install argparse


# Prepare catalog folder
catho init

# Add a catalog with alias
catho add name path  

# Remove a catalog
catho rm name

# Search for filenames matching with a pattern (ex. *.zip, c*.*) in some catalogs or in all if none is provided

catho find pattern [catalog1] [catalog2] [catalogn]

# List all catalogs
catho ls

# Find apparently existing files from dir in the catalog
catho scan name dir

# Import existing cathy catalogs to the catho format
catho import


The catalog correspond to a simple sqlite3 database, for more info about the catalog structure, see the docs/catalog.sql file. Catalogs are saved automatically in the ~/.catho folder.

We would like to create a sort of simple minimalist catalog system so people can create nicer tools based on the catho system (e.g. GUI, web, etc).

Continuous integration is running automatically via travis-ci . The current project status is: Build Status


Contributions are welcome, but please add new unit tests to test your changes and/or features. Also, please try to make changes platform independent and backward compatible.