A Python documentation utility.

python, documentation, generation, mkdocs
pip install catnado-docgen==0.0.1.dev2



A Python documentation utility designed to work with mkdocs.

Originally built for gae-catnado, but could be useful for other projects, too.

Install via pip install catnado-docgen.

This is a work in progress! Expect bugs and unannounced changes.

Real changelog to follow.


In conjunction with mkdocs.yaml

To document a package in a project that has a mkdocs.yaml file, simply run:

docgen build packagename mkdocs.yml --update-pages

This scans packagename recursively, extracting Python docstrings and building Markdown source files from them.

The new Markdown files are written to a folder called docgen-api in your docs_dir (as specified in mkdocs.yml).

The --update-pages option updates the mkdocs.yml pages entry to contain a nested structure of packages and submodules under the heading docgen-api.

Without mkdocs.yml

If you want to do something else with the generated markdown documents, you can just specify an output directory like so:

docgen build packagename /my/path/here

This will write the Markdown source to the specified directory.