AWS CDK construct library for Amazon EKS Distro

pip install cdk-eksdistro==0.0.161


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CDK construct library that allows you to create Amazon EKS Distro on Amaozn EC2 instance(s).

How it works

Under the hood, cdk-eksdistro creates an Amazon Auto Scaling Group with single Amazon EC2 instance running Ubuntu Linux LTS 20.04 and installs the eks snap from the UserData.


imoprt { Cluster } from 'cdk-eksdistro';

const app = new cdk.App();

const env = {
  region: process.env.CDK_DEFAULT_REGION,
  account: process.env.CDK_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT,

const stack = new cdk.Stack(app, 'eksdistro-stack', { env });

new Cluster(stack, 'Cluster');

Spot Instance

To create Amazon EC2 Spot instance instead of on-demand, use the spot property:

new Cluster(stack, 'Cluster', { spot: true });

Validate the cluster

By default, the Cluster construct creates a single-node EKS-D cluster on AWS EC2 with the latest Ubuntu Linux LTS AMI. To validate the cluster, open the EC2 console, select the instance and click the Connect button and select session manager.

Run the following commands to execute kubectl in the cluster.