CDXJ Indexer for WARC and ARC files

warc, web-archiving
pip install cdxj-indexer==1.4.5


CDXJ Indexer

A command-line tool for generating CDXJ (and CDX) indexes from WARC and ARC files. The indexer is a new tool redesigned for fast and flexible indexing. (Based on the indexing functionality from pywb)

Install with pip install cdxj-indexer or install locally with python install

The indexer supports classic CDX index format as well as the more flexible CDXJ. With CDXJ, the indexer supports custom fields and request record access for WARC files. See the examples below and the command line -h option for latest features. (This is a work in progress).

Usage examples

Generate CDXJ index:

> cdxj-indexer /path/to/archive-file.warc.gz
com,example)/ 20170730223850 {"url": "", "mime": "text/html", "status": "200", "digest": "G7HRM7BGOKSKMSXZAHMUQTTV53QOFSMK", "length": "1219", "offset": "771", "filename": "example-20170730223917.warc.gz"}

CDX Index (11 field):

> cdxj-indexer -11 /path/to/archive-file.warc.gz
CDX N b a m s k r M S V g
com,example)/ 20170730223850 text/html 200 G7HRM7BGOKSKMSXZAHMUQTTV53QOFSMK - - 1219 771 example-20170730223917.warc.gz

More advanced use cases: add additonal http headers as fields. http: prefix specifies current record headers, while req.http: specifies corresponding request record headers. The following adds the Date, Referer headers, and the request method to the index:

> cdxj-indexer -f req.http:method,http:date,req.http:referer /path/to/archive-file.warc.gz
com,example)/ 20170801032435 {"url": "", "mime": "text/html", "status": "200", "digest": "A6DESOVDZ3WLYF57CS5E4RIC4ARPWRK7", "length": "1207", "offset": "834", "filename": "temp-20170801032445.warc.gz", "req.http:method": "GET", "http:date": "Tue, 01 Aug 2017 03:24:35 GMT", "referrer": ""}
org,iana)/domains/example 20170801032437 {"url": "", "mime": "text/html", "status": "302", "digest": "RP3Y66FDBYBZKSFYQ4VJ4RMDA5BPDJX2", "length": "675", "offset": "2652", "filename": "temp-20170801032445.warc.gz", "req.http:method": "GET", "http:date": "Tue, 01 Aug 2017 02:35:05 GMT", "referrer": ""}

The CDXJ Indexer extends the Indexer functionality in warcio and should be flexible to extend.