An NCCA renderfarm SFTP watcher

renderfarm, ncca, transfer, files, watch, notification, email, dropbox
pip install cerda==0.1.2



Cerda CLI

Welcome to Cerda's documentation. This tool will allow you to transfer the files that get rendered at renderfarm to either local disk or Dropbox account. Also there is a notification feature that allows you to get sent an email after a specific number of frames get rendered. Cool, innit?

NOTE: This is intended to be used at NCCA labs only.

Follow these steps in the labs. I wrote how to install pip locally because we don't have sudo privileges, pity. No worries it is literally 3 lines of code as I like to keep things simple.

WARNING: This tool is in early stage. Please contribute reporting issues on http://github.com/docwhite/cerda or directly by speaking to that Spanish shy guy in the labs, or drop me an email blanquer.ramon@gmail.com

Upcoming features:

  • Direct integration with Qube: There will be no need to do all the steps to dispatch the job to the render farm.
  • Improved mail formatting with thumbnails of what has been rendered.


If you are in the labs you will need to install pip locally. Follow these steps carefully:

Open a terminal and change directory to home

$ cd ~

Get the pip installer script with wget (downloads a file form the web)

$ wget https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py -P ~

Install pip locally (it will get installed to ~/.local)

$ python ~/get-pip.py --user

Append the binaries directory that contains all the pip executables to your $PATH variable. Either do it manually or simply execute this line of code that will write a new line on your .bashrc file

$ echo "PATH=\$PATH:~/.local/bin" >> ~/.bashrc

Close the shell and start a new one. Alternatively reload your profile

$ source ~/.bashrc


Now you got pip up and running! The next move is to install the tool using it

$ pip install cerda --user


Check out the help command cerda -h::

usage: cerda [-h] [-dbox] [-e EMAIL] [-c COUNT] [-r EVERY] source target

An NCCA render farm collector.

positional arguments:
  source                Remote location path (relative to home) where the
                        frames get generated.
  target                Destination location path where you would like the
                        frames to get sent to.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -dbox, --dropbox      Will send the files to the root path of your dropbox
  -e EMAIL, --email EMAIL
                        Email address to send notification to after -c frames
                        have been rendered.
  -c COUNT, --count COUNT
                        At this numer of frames, send an email to the address
                        specified with -m flag.
  -r EVERY, --every EVERY
                        How often to check for frames dropped (in seconds)

WARNING: Please make sure the paths you pass in are relative to your home folder.


Example 1

My renderfarm is rendering out the frames at /home/i7243466/project1/render on the tete server. I want the frames to get transfered to my local drive at location /home/i7243466/rendered/frames

$ cerda project1/render rendered/frames

Or you could also use the short flags

$ cerda project1/render rendered/frames

Example 2

My renderfarm is rendering out the frames at /home/i7243466/project1/render on the tete server. I want the frames to get transfered to my Dropbox account under /some/folder

$ cerda project1/render some/folder --dropbox


$ cerda project1/render rendered/frames -dbox

Example 3

My renderfarm is rendering out the frames at /home/i7243466/project1/render on the tete server. I want the frames to get transfered to my Dropbox account under /some/folder and when it has finished rendering, which means 20 frames get collected, send me an email notification

$ cerda project1/render some/folder --dropbox --email blanquer.ramon@gmail.com --count 20


$ cerda project1/render rendered/frames -dbox -e blanquer.ramon@gmail.com -c 20

When it is finished you will receive an email from cerdancca@gmail.com. Hopefully it won't get blocked as I am using Google's own SMTP servers.

If you find any problem or bug please report it using the Issues page or drop me a line at blanquer.ramon@gmail.com