Render chart from data

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pip install charpy==1.0.0



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This is a web app designed to crunch data into charts, maybe like a dashboard.


Version 1

For this version the goals were:

  • Create an API in python that can be customized easily (finding and implementing a framework)
  • Provide a flexible api that can render csv files into charts (only basic ones will work)
    • Have the possibility to render more than one chart per page
    • Have the possibility to color the charts automatically
  • Provide an endpoint so that you can use http request to get the csv data into json
  • Provide an html view of the csv data
  • Have a start with SQL compatibilities
  • Have all functionality developed using TDD (test driven development) as much as possible


You can have a demo available at localhost:5001

python charpy/


Used for this project:


  • Flask - base of the microservice (Jinja2 for templating)
  • SQLAlchemy - for SQL database manipulation (not really implemented at the moment)
  • Pandas - for the dataframe object and data manipulation
  • dateutils - for the date and time parser


  • Chart.js - for displaying the charts

Other Alternatives

I want to display other alternatives because well, this is a bit missing in feature as of now, and you might want to know what is being developed and maintained.

  • plotly - Dash: flask framework using react and plotpy to display charts in a nice dashboard.
  • anaconda - Bokeh depends on Jinja2 for templating, bokeh server and js library for chart
  • jwkvam - bowtie:, flask and react to create dashboard