Lightweight and extremely customizable notifier. Designed to work with Twitter and much more

pip install ciciol==0.1.1



Ciciòl aims to be a simple but extremely customizable and lightweight notifier. Was designed to work with Twitter but its plugin-based structure makes it extendible for any kind of service.

Getting Started

  • Install from PyPi:

    • pip install ciciol or easy_install ciciol
  • Install from git:

    • git clone
    • python install
  • Install python-notify for libnotify support

  • Write your own configuration file

    • If you want to use twitter just copy the config file in examples/. Get access_key and access_secret with:
      ciciol --setup twitter
  • Launch ciciol


What are handlers?

Handlers are plugins for handling sources of information and extract interesting notifications from them. For example the Twitter handler looks for new tweets, filters according to what the user specified in the config file and sends the notification data to one or more backends.

What are backends?

Backends are plugins for effectively notify the user using various techniques (desktop notifications, emails, IRC, ...).

Writing a configuration file

First of all have look at the examples in examples/ Basically in the configuration file you've to specify which handlers and backends you'd like to use plus optional handler specific configuration.


Writing a plugin for Ciciòl is very easy! Start having a look at the existing plugins. Feel free to fork this repo, open issues and send pull requests

Development Status

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