Rating widget based on thumbs up and down.

rating, content, thumbs
pip install cioppino.twothumbs==3.0.0



This will add those terribly "delish" little thumbs all over facebook to products of your choosing. By default, only logged in users can rate a product, and once they are logged in they can vote once (and change their vote at any time)



Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to add the package to your buildout config and rerun buildout. If you want it as a viewlet below the content title, you must follow the viewlet directions below before restarting and installing. Otherwise install immediately and then skip to the section on browser views.

Make sure you have installed or "Activated" the product if things aren't working as expected.


cioppino.twothumbs works with Plone 5.2 and 6.0, on Python 3 only. For other Plone and Python versions, see the 2.x releases.

As a Viewlet

Cioppino.TwoThumbs provides a behavior for dexterity content types. In the dexterity configuration UI, it will be listed under "Behaviors".

You may also manually add this behavior to your type by adding the following to ../path/to/profiles/default/types/your_type.xml:

<property name="behaviors">
    <element value="cioppino.twothumbs" />

As a Browser View

Additionally, you can generate the widget on any content page in any place by just adding a few lines to your template:

<div tal:content="structure here/@@rate-if-you-dare"/>

Note that this ONLY works if the browser view is in context of a content type since it requires access to content object annotations.


If you used to use plone.contentratings and want to migrate to the thumbs product, there is an example in PloneSoftwareCenter. It's pretty easy. Please see for an example. It has not been tried on Python 3 though, so maybe you need to migrate to a version supporting Python 2 first. But it is okay to try.

Anonymous Voting

Anonymous voting is possible, but weak. A unique identifier is generated and set as cookie on first vote. Then the uid is used as identifier for later display/changes. To enable anonymous voting go to Plones configuration registry, search for cioppino.twothumbs.anonymous entry and edit it. Alternativly you can add your own registry.xml to your sites profile:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <record name="cioppino.twothumbs.anonymousvoting">

It's easy to fake anonymous votes, so don't trust them much. A todo here is to add a captcha, which would make automated vote-faking impossible.


Please file bugs at


This product was initially developed at the Plone Cioppino Sprint in Bodega Bay 2011. The source code is filled with plenty of inside jokes and may only be maintainable after drinking copious numbers of Manhattans. Without the [drink] support of everyone there, this may not have been made possible. Big ups.