Python library supporting the development of cross-linguistic databases

web, pyramid, LRL, Linguistics
pip install clld==11.2.1



The clld toolkit - a web framework for the publication of Cross-Linguistic Linked Data.

Documentation for the code base and its use is available at The source for this documentation is in the docs directory.

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How to cite

To cite the clld software, please cite the presentation introducing it

Forkel, R., & Bank, S. (2014, October 7). The clld toolkit. Language Comparison with Linguistic Databases: RefLex and Typological Databases, Nijmegen. Zenodo.


Once the initial steps (installation, bootstrapping a new project) have been done helped by the online documentation, the biggest resource to guide further development of a clld app is the wealth of existing apps. (Note: GitHub's "Used by" links - created from the dependency graph data - are really helpful here!) The following pointers are meant as a starting point to solve specific problems by perusing the code of other apps.