ECS plugin for cloud-compose

ecs, cloud, compose, aws
pip install cloud-compose-ecs==0.4.0


Cloud Compose ECS plugin

The Cloud Compose ECS plugin simplifies management of AWS ECS clusters.

For an example ECS cluster using Cloud Compose, see Docker ECS .

Cloud Compose ECS supports the standard Cloud Compose Cluster commands, such as up and down.


pip install cloud-compose-ecs



Once you have a running ECS cluster using the Cloud Compose Cluster plugin, use the following command to upgrade the cluster:

cloud-compose ecs upgrade

The upgrade command will make sure that your ECS cluster is healthy before starting the upgrade. It will replace each instance within your ECS cluster and wait to ensure that services are healthy before moving to the next instance.


The health command checks if the ECS cluster is healthy by checking whether:

  • the ECS cluster is active and available to accept new services/tasks
  • services running on the cluster are active
  • load balancers associated with services are healthy
  • the number of registered container instances match the desired instances registered to the auto-scaling group
cloud-compose ecs health

The --verbose flag optionally enables detailed information about which services or load balancers are unhealthy.