Convert source code repository to HTML files, with beautiful syntax highlight.

code, syntax, highlight, convert, html
pip install code2html==0.3.2



Convert source code repository to HTML files.


Do you like reading source code on your mobile devices?

HTML is a light-weight format (unlike PDF or EPUB) that can be easily read on every browser-included mobile device.

code2html is a tool converts source code repository to HTML format files so that you can put them into your mobile devices and read it whenever and wherever with a beautiful syntax highlight (thanks Vim).

Get rid of those social networking applications, start to enjoy code reading.


By taking advantages of the magic TOhtml function from Vim, code2html requires you have Vim installed. Also if you specify a non-default color scheme to use, it must be available on your system as well.


code2html [-h] [--color COLOR] [--include INCLUDES] [--pre] input output

positional arguments:
  input               Path to the source code repository
  output              Path for saving output files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  --color COLOR       Specify the color scheme use for syntax highlighting
  --include INCLUDES  Specify file matching patterns, then only the matched
                      files will be convert. Wild card characters are
                      supported. e.g. --include="*.c" --include="?.py"
  --pre               Instead of actually performing the conversion, simply
                      display what *would* have been converted if --pre
                      weren't used

Example 1

Use --pre to check what would be converted:

$ code2html --pre --include="*.cpp" /path/to/input /path/to/output

Example 2

Convert all Python sources, ext.c and a README file from /path/to/input to /path/to/output, using jellybeans as the syntax highlight scheme:

$ code2html --color=jellybeans --include="*.py" --include="ext.c"
--include="README.rst" /path/to/input /path/to/output

Example 3

Put the source code files into your mobile devices and find a good file manager to organize them. And then next time you wait for lunch, bus, girlfriend (FIXME!), etc., read some code!