Code origins contest based on GitHub data

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pip install codeorigins==0.3.1



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Code origins contest based on GitHub data

CodeOrigins live:

  • Find interesting people and projects originating in various countries;
  • See what countries produce most starred projects;
  • Know your impact on community of your favourite language;
  • and more.


  • But wait, this data is not realtime!

    Yes, these are static web-pages (see docs/) compiled from dumped data (see codeorigins/dump/). And it sure can be outdated.

  • And what if I want to see updated data?

    You can dump data you're interested in and make a pull request.

    Quick and dirty start:

    1. Fork repository;
    2. Git pull forked repository into local directory;
    3. $ cd to the directory;
    4. $ pip install -e . (sudo may be required) - this will made codeorigins CLI available;
    5. Use $ codeorigins dump (see below) without --into - this puts dumps into codeorigins/dump/;
    6. Commit and push added/changed dumps;
    7. Create a pull request on your GitHub repository page.
  • My country or language is not listed, what am I to do?

    Edit codeorigins/, add all what you need and make a pull request. You can also make and submit new/updated dumps (see above).


codeorigins comes with CLI to streamline common actions.

Data Dump

Using rate-limited GitHub search API:

$ codeorigins dump --into /home/idle/ghdump --country ru --language Python api

This will use api to fetch repositories data for users located in Russia whose primary language is Python and dump it into /home/idle/ghdump.

Register OAuth Application ( and use its Client ID and Client Secret to loosen the rate limits (append --credentials <id>,<secret> to dump command).

HTML Export

Use make_html command to read data from dumps and compose HTML:

$ codeorigins make_html --dump_dir /home/idle/ghdump

This will create HTML file in current working directory.


See supported countries and languages using the following command:

$ codeorigins show_settings


  • Python 3.6+
  • click
  • Jinja2
  • requests