Change process title to show current urls being processed

pip install collective.argv0spy==0.1.3



This package manipulates the process title to show the urls your threads are currently serving.

It is quite simplistic, it does not show you for how long it is working on the request and it will not show idle threads as idle.

This gives you information when running ps or top, these tools show the up to date process name.

See it in action:

$ ps auxwwww | grep zope | grep -v grep
do3cc           48824  83.5  1.0  2634876 159628 s004  R+   12:17AM   0:14.15 yo zope /Plone/less-variables.js /Plone/less-variables.js /Plone/less-variables.js /Plone/less-variables.js /Plone/less-variables.js

I used the a configuration option to shorten the long zope name to yo zope. This makes it a bit more readable.

You see 5 times the request for the Resource /Plone/less-variables.js, A resource a chose by random and hammered my Zope instance with ab. Interesting Tidbit: This is a standard Plone instance, it runs with 4 threads but you see 5 requests here. This happens because we log Requests when they get received from the main thread, that does not count as one of the four zserver-threads. Think of it as the queue.


  • shows url in the process name.
  • Make process name overall shorter.


This is the full documentation


Install collective.arg0spy by adding it to your buildout:



 eggs =
 zcml =

and then running "bin/buildout" You do not need to activate your plugin. The plugin will be active for all Plone instances of your zope process.

Nothing gets installed in the Database, so removing the pcakge from your buildout and rerunning buildout will remove this package without leaving a trace.


The full zope process name is quite long. When starting with an environment variable ZOPE_SHORT_NAME, the value of this variable becomes the new zope name, after the first request has been received.

For example, I ran my zope instance like that to produce the output from above:

$ ZOPE_SHORT_NAME="yo zope" ./bin/instance fg



This package is MIT licensed