Python client library for compute.rhino3d web service

pip install compute-rhino3d==0.12.2


Rhino Compute Server

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REST API exposing Rhino's geometry core.

This project is composed of two applications:

  • compute.geometry provides the geometry REST API
  • compute.frontend provides authentication, request stashing (saving POST data for diagnostics), logging, and configuration of request and response headers. compute.frontend creates the compute.geometry process, monitors its health, and restarts compute.geometry as necessary.

Compute is built on top of Rhino 7 for Windows and can run anywhere Rhino 7 for Windows can run. The two typical scenarios are running as a web server on a remote Window Server operating system and running locally on a user's computer for debugging or providing local services to applications.

Start with the installation guide to setup your own Compute server, or compile Compute and start developing your own features.

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