Config Sesame – A tool to look up secrets from a vault based on existing shareable configuration.

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pip install config-sesame



Logo A tool to look up secrets from a vault based on existing shareable configuration.

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The config-sesame command line tool can be used as part of a continuous deployment pipeline to provide applications with runtime secrets. For this purpose, it scans already assembled application configuration (application.yml) for references to secrets stored in a “vault”, and writes resolved secrets to an additional file (secrets.yml). The diagram below gives you an idea how the tool fits into a typical CD pipeline – for more details, see the main documentation.

CD Pipeline


Config Sesame can be installed via pip install config-sesame as usual, see releases for an overview of available versions. To get a bleeding-edge version from source, use these commands:

pip install -r "$repo/master/requirements.txt"
pip install -U -e "git+$repo.git#egg=${repo#*/}"

See Contributing on how to create a full development environment, and Installing Config Sesame for detailed instructions in the main documentation.

To add bash completion, read the Click docs about it, or just follow these instructions:

mkdir -p ~/.bash_completion.d
( export _$(tr a-z- A-Z_ <<<"$cmdname")_COMPLETE=source ; \
  $cmdname >~/.bash_completion.d/$ )
grep /.bash_completion.d/$ ~/.bash_completion >/dev/null \
    || echo >>~/.bash_completion ". ~/.bash_completion.d/$"
. "/etc/bash_completion"


Please see the main documentation at Read the Docs for usage instructions.

Future Plans


Contributing to this project is easy, and reporting an issue or adding to the documentation also improves things for every user. You don’t need to be a developer to contribute. See CONTRIBUTING for more.

As a documentation author or developer, to create a working directory for this project, call these commands:

git clone ""
cd "config-sesame"
. .env --yes --develop
invoke build --docs test check

You might also need to follow some setup procedures to make the necessary basic commands available on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Running the test suite can be done several ways, just call invoke test for a quick check, or invoke test.tox for testing with all supported Python versions (if you have them available). Use invoke check to run a code-quality scan.

To start a watchdog that auto-rebuilds documentation and reloads the opened browser tab on any change, call invoke docs -w -b (stop the watchdog using the -k option).




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