Quick visualization python software for NetCDF files

pip install coriolis==0.0.1



What is it ?

coriolis is a quick visualization python software developped using PyQt5 and xarray. It allows the user to get a quick insight of a NetCDF (.nc) file.

It provides multi-dimensional field main statistics, an embedded matplotlib canvas to visualize the data (1-D and 2-D plots) and some features to save the figure, scale the data, change the colorbar, use non-linear axis scales and others

An animation widget is also implemented. However, at this point, matplotlib is not fast enough to enable a confortable and quick visualization refreshment. Other software such as NcView should be used instead.

More importantly, coriolis allows the user to precisely select the data to plot, namely the needed slices can be easily given.


How to install it ?

You need to install the dependencies before installing the package. They were not included within the package due to some issues with pip-installed PyQt5 package. We recommend therefore the Anaconda distribution for installing those dependencies.

In a pre-activated python3 environment, you can simply do :

$ conda install matplotlib xarray netcdf4 cartopy`
$ pip install coriolis

## How to use it ?

As for now, only NetCDF (.nc) files can be processed.

You can use the software by running the command :

$ coriolis

How to customize it ?

If you want to customize the figures style, you can modify the custom.mplstyle file which is in the package.