creator for Reconfigurable Component. Framework and Code generator for FPGA component

FPGA, component, Verilog, HDL
pip install crecomp==1.5.2



creator for Reconfigurable hw Component

Author: Kazushi Yamashina
Copyright: 2017, Kazushi Yamashina
License: new BSD License
Latest Version: 1.5.2
Contact: or Twitter

What is the cReComp?

The cReComp is a code generator and framework for componentization of a single hardware or the multiple hardware. The component generated by the cReComp is HW/SW co-system that is connected between CPU and FPGA (reconfigurable hw). The cReComp is possible to debug and test single hardware with software in a user development phase. When the development of a each hardware have been finished, the cReComp generates one of the HW/SW co-system by integrating the each of the hardware.

cReComp supports ROS

ROS is an open source project by OSRF (Open Source Robotics Foundation). It is not an operating system but a software platform for component-oriented development of robotic application software on an OS. Communication library and a build system for robotic application software are provided in ROS. cReComp can generated ROS-compliant component which is included FPGA processing.


  • 2016/11/29 version 1.5.1
    • Added testbench generation. You can generate a testbench with option "-t".
  • 2016/11/29 version 1.5.0
    • cReComp can generate a ROS package with Python code. So, you can use the component more easy.
    • The Component generation with C++ is unable, since the function is debugging now.
  • 2016/07/25 version 1.4.0
    • scrp_parser was improved functionally and become to be able to parse more accurately
  • 2016/07/05 version 1.3.0
    • scrp supported ROS packages generation
  • 2016/07/04 version 1.1.0 & 1.2.0
    • cReComp supported configuration with scrp (specification for cReComp)
    • cReComp supported ROS package generation
  • 2016/06/30 version 1.0.0
    • Released first version




Ubuntu or OSX (Mac)
Bash on Ubuntu on Windows may be OK.

Python (2.7 later, not 3.0)

sudo apt-get install python

Icarus Verilog


sudo apt-get install iverilog


brew install icarus-verilog


pip install jinja2


 git clone
 cd pyverilog/
 python install


 git clone
 cd veriloggen/
 python install

Install cReComp

Download from github & install

git clone
cd cReComp/
python install

Package install

pip install crecomp

Command usage

Usage: crecomp [option] [file name] [-u user logic path]+

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u USERLOGIC, --userlogic=USERLOGIC
                        specifier your user logic name
                        specifier for template name
                        specifier for template name
  -b SCRP_PATH, --build=SCRP_PATH
                        specifier target scrp file to build for componentize
  -t TEST_PATH, --test=TEST_PATH
                        generate testbench of target user logic

Getting Started

Coming soon


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