An unrealistic multiplayer hacking simulation game.

pip install crsh==0.0.9



crsh is a very very young multiplayer hacking simulation game called crsh. The game is inspired by unrealistic Hollywood movie style hacking (think the movies Sneakers and Hackers), and a single-player hacking game called Uplink.


crsh is written in Python. Python version 3.6 or greater is required. Install using pip in a Python 3 environment:

pip install crsh

Getting Started

Once the package is installed, run the crsh command in the terminal. If you have not set up crsh on your computer before, you will need to run crsh setup first to configure the program. Once it is set up, run the crsh command again and you will be connected to the game server.

A lot of the intended fun of the game is discovering things through playing. Try out the help command to get some ideas of how to proceed.


There is a lot more happening server-side for this game than client-side, but feel free to open an issue or a PR for bugfixes or improvements you would like to see!

You can find the game server code here: