zest.releaser plugin to enter from the command-line the destination of the upload

pip install cs.zestreleaser.upload==2.0


Custom egg upload where the user wants

This package provides a plugin for zest.releaser that offers to upload the released egg via SCP, SFTP or HTTP(S) PUT (WebDAV) to a custom location (instead of or in addition to PyPI).

This plugin is based on gocept.zestreleaser.customupload to do the upload process and uses the distbase and distdefault concept of jarn.mkrelease, so you need to add something like this to your ~/.pypirc like the following:

_default_with_input_ = scp://download.gocept.com//var/www/customers/
_default_ = scp://download.gocept.com//var/www/packages

If the option _default_with_input is set, the script will ask the user a folder name that will be appended to the setting, and the created egg will be uploaded there and the script will finish there.

This option is useful if you have a folder where you have one folder per project/customer in the same place.

If the option _default_with_input_ is not set and _default_ is set, the script will upload the egg to that destination. This is usefull as a default destination of your eggs.

Options for HTTP(S) PUT (WebDAV)

This option is the same as in gocept.zestreleaser.customupload so HTTP(S) PUT (WebDAV) is implemented using curl to add options to curl, e. g. to disable certificate checks, add the options in front of the URL like this:

gocept.special = --insecure https://dav.gocept.com/special


The source code is available in the git repository at https://github.com/codesyntax/cs.zestreleaser.upload

Please report any bugs you find at https://github.com/codesyntax/cs.zestreleaser.upload/issues