A helper library for Cisco guestshell on AWS

cisco, aws, guestshell
pip install csr-aws-guestshell==0.0.19.dev0


Scripts for guestshell on Cisco CSR1000V on AWS


This repository contains a library (csr_aws_guestshell) that has helper functions to make script writing a bit easier for AWS.


To enable guestshell on CSR on AWS:

ios-prompt#  guestshell enable VirtualPortGroup 0 guest-ip name-server
Please wait for completion
ios-prompt# guestshell

To install csr_aws_guestshell:

[guestshell@guestshell ~]$ sudo pip install csr_aws_guestshell

Alternatively, you can install to your user directory:

[guestshell@guestshell ~]$ pip install --user csr_aws_guestshell

Running scripts

Scripts will be copied to the guestshell $PATH where they can then be run.

List of scripts to be installed:

Example output from running via IOS shell:

ip-172-31-52-111#guestshell run get-metadata.py
    "ami-id": "ami-1234abcd", 
    "ami-launch-index": "0", 
    "ami-manifest-path": "(unknown)", 
    "block-device-mapping": {
        "ami": "/dev/xvda", 
        "root": "/dev/xvda"
    "hostname": "ip-XXX-XX-XX-XXX.ec2.internal", 

     ... <snip> ...

Example output from running via guestshell prompt:

[guestshell@guestshell ~]$ get-metadata.py
    "ami-id": "ami-1234abcd", 
    "ami-launch-index": "0", 
    "ami-manifest-path": "(unknown)", 
    "block-device-mapping": {
        "ami": "/dev/xvda", 
        "root": "/dev/xvda"
    "hostname": "ip-XXX-XX-XX-XXX.ec2.internal", 

     ... <snip> ...

Examples using cli module

These scripts make use of the cli.py script pre-installed to guestshell. there are 4 main functions to use with the cli module:

import cli
show_run_output = cli.execute("show run")

Alternatively, you can print the result to stdout:

import cli
cli.executep("show run")
import cli
file = my_file.py
cron_entry="\"*/%d * * * *\"" % (seconds)
gs_cmd="\"guestshell run %s\"" % (file)

configuration = '''event manager applet %s
                        action 1.0 cli command %s
                        event timer cron cron-entry %s''' % (file,gs_cmd,cron_entry)
result= cli.configure(configuration)
import cli
cli.configurep("copy running-config startup-config")

Library "helpers"

These scripts contain the following functions to assist in script development:

  • download_file -- called with bucket name, filename and optional directory for the destination on the CSR1000V
  • upload_file -- called with bucket name, filename and optional directory for the location on the CSR1000V
  • save_cmd_output -- called with command list via python list, filename to save to, optional bucket if uploading file, and flag to print to stdout

Examples using csr_aws_guestshell

from csr_aws_guestshell import cag

cag().upload_file(my_bucket, my_filename)

cmdlist = \
        "show interfaces",
        "show version",
        "show ip route",
        "show platform hardware qfp active statistics drop",
        "show platform hardware qfp active datapath utilization",
        "show interfaces gigabitEthernet 1 | incl drops|pack|err",
        "show platform hardware throughput level",
cag().save_cmd_output(cmdlist, my_filename, my_bucket)