Package containing Rust Toybox games.

causality, experimentation, reinforcement-learning, rust
pip install ctoybox==0.4.2


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Rust packages and for Toybox; separately versioned from the main project (i.e., Python API): toybox-rs/Toybox

How do I get it? PyPI version

pip install ctoybox
pip install pygame # optional dependency
python -m ctoybox.human_play amidar

What is Toybox?

A set of games designed for testing deep RL agents.

If you use this code, or otherwise are inspired by our white-box testing approach, please cite our NeurIPS workshop paper:

  title={{Toybox: Better Atari Environments for Testing Reinforcement Learning Agents}},
  author={Foley, John and Tosch, Emma and Clary, Kaleigh and Jensen, David},
  booktitle={{NeurIPS 2018 Workshop on Systems for ML}},


  • core - Contains core logic for games; colors, rendering, simple physics, etc.
  • tb_amidar - Contains our Amidar simulator.
  • tb_breakout - Contains our Breakout simulator.
  • tb_spaceinvaders - Contains our SpaceInvaders simulator.
  • tb_gridworld - Contains our configurable GridWorld environment.
  • ctoybox - Contains C API for toybox; and our python code but no Gym bindings -- we want to have python code here that rarely changes.

Mac Dev Setup Instructions

  • brew install rustup
  • rustup-init with the default install
  • clone this repo
  • source $HOME/.cargo/env

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