A collection of toys and tools for ASTR2600 at CU Boulder.

pip install cu-astr2600==0.11.0



A collection of toys and tools for ASTR2600: Introduction to Scientific Computing at the University of Colorado Boulder.


If you're working on the scorpius computers at SBO, you should be able to access these by default, or if necessary by running source henrietta from a UNIX prompt.

If you're working on your own computer, you should be able to install this by running

pip install cu-astr2600

from a UNIX prompt. As we add more code to this package, you may need to upgrade the version that is installed on your computer. To upgrade, run

pip install cu-astr2600 --upgrade

instead. That will make sure it always grabs the latest version of the code.

If you want to be able to modify the code yourself, please also feel free to fork/clone this repository onto your own computer and install directly from that editable package. For example, this might look like:

git clone
cd cu-astr2600/
pip install -e .

This will link the installed version of the astr2600 package to your local repository. Changes you make to the code in the repository should be reflected in the version Python sees when it tries to import astr2600.


This package was written by Zach Berta-Thompson.