Current module relative paths and imports

sys, path, import, temporary, inspect, caller
pip install current==0.3.2



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Get the path of a file relative to the current module. Import a Python module relative to the current module. Temporarily change sys.path for imports. Get the path of a file relative to the module of the current caller.



This package runs under Python 3.7+, use pip to install:

$ pip install current


Get paths relative to the current module:

>>> import current

>>> here = current.current_path()
>>> parent = current.current_path('..')
>>> bruces = current.current_path('..', 'australia', 'bruces', 'bruces.ini')

Temporarily add the parent directory to sys.path:

>>> with current.inserted_path()
...     import australia

Get paths relative to the module of the callers of the current code:

>>> caller = current.caller_path()
>>> callercaller = current.caller_path(steps=2)

Potential issues

This package uses sys._getframe (which is almost the same as inspect.currentframe, see docs). Under IronPython this might require enabling the FullFrames option of the interpreter.


CC0 1.0 Universal


Version 0.4.2 (in development):

Version 0.4.1: Drop Python 3.6 support.

Version 0.4: Drop Python 2 and 3.5 support; tag Python 3.9 and 3.10 support.

Version 0.3.6: Tag Python 3.8 support. Extend test coverage.

Version 0.3.5: Drop Python 3.4 support.

Version 0.3.4: Tag Python 3.7 support.

Version 0.3.3: Drop Python 3.3 support. Add python_requires.

Version 0.3.2: Port tests from nose/unittest to pytest. Update meta data, tag Python 3.5/3.6 support.

Version 0.3.1: Added wheel.

Version 0.3: Added Python 3.3+ support.

Version 0.2.1: Fixed caller_path. Documented sys._getframe dependency.

Version 0.2: Added caller_path.

Version 0.1: First public release.