C Vulkan Wrapper

pip install cvulkan==1.2.0


I will not maintain CVulkan anymore, I have developed a better Vulkan wrapper: vulkan. This wrapper is written in plain C whereas vulkan uses CFFI internally.**


CVulkan is a complete Vulkan wrapper. It keeps the original Vulkan API and try to limit the differences induced by Python.

How to install


You can install directly CVulkan with pip:

pip install cvulkan

Manual install

You can install it manually if you want the last version:

git clone
cd cvulkan
python install

How to contribute

To contribute, you should first read the How it works section. Any contribution is welcome and I answer quickly.

## How it works

CVulkan is a C module generated by a Python script. To proceed, the script computes a model of Vulkan API based on vk.xml (the file from Kronos describing the API) and then uses jinja2 templates to write the vulkanmodule.c file.

Here the basic steps:

  • Load vk.xml
  • Use xmltodict to parse the xml document
  • Generate a good data model from it
  • Pass the model to the jinja2 template engine
  • The template engine generate the final c file


You can checkout my blog, I speak about CVulkan: Blog

Supported By

CVulkan is supported by helpful 3rd parties via code contributions, test devices and so forth. Make our supporters happy and visit their sites!