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pip install daemonctl==1.3.25


Daemon Control (daemonctl)

Description: A python framework and tools to manage small applications

  • Technology stack: Plain python
  • Status: Running in production CHANGELOG.
  • When administrating alot of applications on different servers or developing alot of small services it's often desireable to keep the inhouse services seperate from system services.


  • python >= 2.6
  • setprocname: to have cleaner names in ps for the daemons (not required)
  • fast-entry_points


sudo ./ install


configfile in /usr/local/etc/daemonctl.conf (or where DAEMONCTL is installed)

| Configformat: | logpath = logdir # Path to directory where log files will be placed | pidpath = piddir # Path to directory where pid files will be placed | modules { | module1 { | name = modulename # name of daemon in status and other daemonctl commands (should include %(id)s if type=dynamic) | type = moduletype # single or dynamic | path = modulepath # Path to where the files are (will do chdir to here before running command) | execcmd = commandline # Command to run (will be prefixed with path) | listcmd = listcommand # Command that returns id:s for type=dynamic, one id per row | logpath = logdir # Can override the global logpath | pidpath = piddir # Can override the global pidpath | runas = username # Run daemon as this user | } | }


| Usage: daemonctl [options] [daemon] | Commands: | start Start daemons | stop Stop daemons ("-f" to force) | restart Restart daemons (stop+start) | forcestop Force daemons to stop (kill -9) | status Get daemon status | enable Enable an application | disable Disable an application | hide Hide daemon from status | show Unhide daemon from status | tail Tail a daemon log | less Less a daemon log | csvstatus Get daemon status in csv format | | Options: | -h, --help show this help message and exit | -f, --force | -r, --regex Select daemons using regexp only | -g, --glob Select daemons using globbing only | -e, --exact Select daemons using exact match only | -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG | -a, --showall Show hidden | -v, --version Print version

Known issues

The code is very messy

Getting help

If you have questions, concerns, bug reports, etc, please file an issue in this repository's Issue Tracker.

Getting involved

Feature request with documentation, fixes, new features and general beutification is welcome.

Open source licensing info

Copyright: SVT 2018 GNU General Public License version 3 LICENSE

except for which is Copyright (c) 2016, Aaron Christianson

Primary Maintainer

Andreas Åkerlund