Databend Driver Python Binding

pip install databend-driver==0.18.3



Databend Native Client in Rust


  • core: Databend RestAPI Rust client

  • driver: Databend SQL client for both RestAPI and FlightSQL

  • cli: Databend native CLI

Installation for BendSQL


cargo-binstall is recommended:

cargo binstall bendsql

Or alternatively build from source:

cargo install bendsql


brew install databendcloud/homebrew-tap/bendsql


  • Using DEB822-STYLE format on Ubuntu-22.04/Debian-12 and later:
sudo curl -L -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/datafuselabs.sources
  • Using old format on Ubuntu-20.04/Debian-11 and earlier:
sudo curl -L -o /usr/share/keyrings/datafuselabs-keyring.gpg
sudo curl -L -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/datafuselabs.list

Then install bendsql:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install bendsql


Check for latest version on GitHub Release


❯ bendsql --help
Databend Native Command Line Tool

Usage: bendsql [OPTIONS]

      --help                       Print help information
      --flight                     Using flight sql protocol, ignored when --dsn is set
      --tls                        Enable TLS, ignored when --dsn is set
  -h, --host <HOST>                Databend Server host, Default:, ignored when --dsn is set
  -P, --port <PORT>                Databend Server port, Default: 8000, ignored when --dsn is set
  -u, --user <USER>                Default: root, overrides username in DSN
  -p, --password <PASSWORD>        Password, overrides password in DSN [env: BENDSQL_PASSWORD]
  -r, --role <ROLE>                Downgrade role name, overrides role in DSN
  -D, --database <DATABASE>        Database name, overrides database in DSN
      --set <SET>                  Settings, overrides settings in DSN
      --dsn <DSN>                  Data source name [env: BENDSQL_DSN]
  -n, --non-interactive            Force non-interactive mode
  -A, --no-auto-complete           Disable loading tables and fields for auto-completion, which offers a quicker start
      --check                      Check for server status and exit
      --query=<QUERY>              Query to execute
  -d, --data <DATA>                Data to load, @file or @- for stdin
  -f, --format <FORMAT>            Data format to load [default: csv] [possible values: csv, tsv, ndjson, parquet, xml]
      --format-opt <FORMAT_OPT>    Data format options
  -o, --output <OUTPUT>            Output format [possible values: table, csv, tsv, null]
      --quote-style <QUOTE_STYLE>  Output quote style, applies to `csv` and `tsv` output formats [possible values: always, necessary, non-numeric, never]
      --progress                   Show progress for query execution in stderr, only works with output format `table` and `null`.
      --stats                      Show stats after query execution in stderr, only works with non-interactive mode.
      --time[=<TIME>]              Only show execution time without results, will implicitly set output format to `null`. [possible values: local, server]
  -l, --log-level <LOG_LEVEL>      [default: info]
  -V, --version                    Print version

Custom configuration

By default bendsql will read configuration from ~/.bendsql/config.toml and ~/.config/bendsql/config.toml sequentially if exists.

  • Example file
❯ cat ~/.bendsql/config.toml
connect_timeout = "30s"

display_pretty_sql = true
progress_color = "green"
no_auto_complete = true
prompt = ":) "
  • Connection section
Parameter Description
host Server host to connect.
port Server port to connect.
user User name.
database Which database to connect.
args Additional connection args.
  • Settings section
Parameter Description
display_pretty_sql Whether to display SQL queries in a formatted way.
prompt The prompt to display before asking for input.
progress_color The color to use for the progress bar.
show_progress Whether to show a progress bar when executing queries.
show_stats Whether to show statistics after executing queries.
no_auto_complete Whether to disable loading tables and fields for auto-completion on startup.
max_display_rows The maximum number of rows to display in table output format.
max_width Limit display render box max width, 0 means default to the size of the terminal.
max_col_width Limit display render each column max width, smaller than 3 means disable the limit.
output_format The output format to use.
expand Expand table format display, default auto, could be on/off/auto.
time Whether to show the time elapsed when executing queries.
multi_line Whether to allow multi-line input.
replace_newline whether replace '\n' with '\\n'.

Commands in REPL

Commands Description
!exit Exit bendsql
!quit Exit bendsql
!configs Show current settings
!set Set settings
!source file Source file and execute

Setting commands in REPL

We can use !set CMD_NAME VAL to update the Settings above in runtime, example:

❯ bendsql

:) !set display_pretty_sql false
:) !set max_display_rows 10
:) !set expand auto





  • databend://root:@localhost:8000/?sslmode=disable&presign=detect

  • databend://

  • databend+flight://root:@localhost:8900/database1?connect_timeout=10

Available Args:


Arg Description
tenant Tenant ID, Databend Cloud only.
warehouse Warehouse name, Databend Cloud only.
sslmode Set to disable if not using tls.
tls_ca_file Custom root CA certificate path.
connect_timeout Connect timeout in seconds

RestAPI client:

Arg Description
wait_time_secs Request wait time for page, default to 1
max_rows_in_buffer Max rows for page buffer
max_rows_per_page Max response rows for a single page
page_request_timeout_secs Timeout for a single page request, default to 30
presign Whether to enable presign for data loading, available arguments are auto/detect/on/off. Default to auto which only enable presign for Databend Cloud

FlightSQL client:

Arg Description
query_timeout Query timeout seconds
tcp_nodelay Default to true
tcp_keepalive Tcp keepalive seconds, default to 3600, set to 0 to disable keepalive
http2_keep_alive_interval Keep alive interval in seconds, default to 300
keep_alive_timeout Keep alive timeout in seconds, default to 20
keep_alive_while_idle Default to true

Query Settings:

see: Databend Query Settings


Cargo fmt, clippy, deny

make check

Unit tests

make test

integration tests

Note: Docker and Docker Compose needed

make integration