Python wrapper for Databox - Mobile Executive Dashboard.

databox, python, sdk
pip install databox==2.1.4


Databox bindings for Python

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You can install this package by cloning this directory and running:

python install

You can also add following line to requirements.txt and get latest master:


And run pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt. Or just:

pip install databox

Getting Databox access tokens

When in Databox Designer go to Data Manager and create new connection. Select "Push custom data" and enter a connection name.

Using the Databox Python library

To use databox-python libary you have to pass access token to client. You can do this when initialising Client or by setting DATABOX_PUSH_TOKEN environment variable.

Using Client and push to push data directly:

from databox import Client

client = Client('<access token>')
client.push('', 1447.0)
client.push('', 32, date='2015-01-01 09:00:00')
client.push('', 34, attributes={
  'something': 1447,

Inserting multiple matrices with one insert_all:

    {'key': '', 'value': 51},
    {'key': '', 'value': 49, 'date': '2015-01-01 17:00:00'},
    {'key': '', 'value': 3000},

Retriving information from last push with last_push:

print client.last_push()

Libary can be used with shorthand methods:

from databox import push, insert_all, last_push

push('', 1448.9)
print last_push(token)

Development and testing

Using virtualenv:

mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages databox-python
workon databox-python
pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Running test suite with unittest:

python -munittest discover -p -t . 'test*' -v

You can also check working

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