Light-weight GitHub integration for datakit workflows.

datakit, datakit-cli
pip install datakit-github==0.2.1


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DataKit GitHub plugin


This plugin provides light-weight GitHub integration for the DataKit command-line tool. It's designed to streamline the process of generating a GitHub project and linking it to a local directory containing a newly created project skeleton. It's intended to be used in tandem with the datakit-project plugin, which helps generate project skeletons for data work and software development.


The plugin provides the following features:

  • Interactive selection of GitHub account for project creation
  • Automated creation of a GitHub project
  • Ability to set privacy level of repo
  • Automated execution of git commands to bootstrap a project (init/add/commit)
  • Linking of local Git repository to newly created GitHub project
  • Automated "push" of initial commit to new GitHub project

In action

Once datakit-github is installed, it becomes a cinch to "gitify" newly created projects and integrate them with GitHub:

# After generating an initial project structure...
cd my-awesome-project

# can transform the project into a git repo
# and integrate with GitHub with a single command
datakit github integrate


Check out the :ref:`install` and :ref:`usage` docs for more details.