The singlestore adapter plugin for dbt

pip install dbt-singlestore==1.6.0



dbt adapter for SingleStore.


dbt-singlestore is available on PyPI. To install the latest version via pip, run:

pip install dbt-singlestore

Configuring your profile

A sample profile can be found in sample_profiles.yml. It is a standard profile for SQL data sources in dbt. In SingleStore, like in MySQL, database and schema denote the same concept. In dbt, and also in a number of DBMS (e.g. Postgres) schema has a different meaning (a namespace within a database). Therefore, schema must be specified in dbt profile, but it won't affect database objects by default. However, it can be used as a prefix for table names, as outlined in dbt docs for SingleStore profile.

Supported Features

Category Feature Supported? Tested?
Materializations Table Yes Yes
  View Yes Yes
  Incremental Yes Yes
  Ephemeral Yes Yes
Resources Seeds Yes Yes
  Sources Yes Yes
  Testing - Bespoke Yes Yes
  Testing - Generic Yes Yes
  dbt Documentation Yes Yes
  Snapshots Yes Yes
Administration Hooks Yes Yes
Models Custom schema Limited* Yes
  • Custom schemas can be defined in a project models, but they can only serve as a modification to the prefix of the corresponding table names.

Testing and supported versions

Default dbt test suite is used to check the adapter functionality. Development overview has a section "Run tests" which contains instructions on running the tests. Currently, the tests have been successfully run for the following product versions:

Singlestore dbt-core dbt-tests-adapter
8.1.1 1.3.0 1.3.0
7.8.29 1.2.2 1.2.2
Singlestore dbt-core pytest-dbt-adapter
7.8.3 1.1.1 0.6.0
7.6.6 1.0.1 0.6.0
7.5.12 1.0.1 0.6.0

To use this adapter, SingleStore must be upgraded to the version 7.5 or newer.



  • Fixed failing materialization with unique_key.
  • Fixed changing a column's data type during incremental materialization.
  • Added support for primary_key, sort_key, shard_key, unique_table_key, charset, collation, storage_type, indexes options for creating SingleStore tables in table materialization.


We thank Doug Beatty who build an adpater for mysql which has been used to build an initial version of this adapter.