Start fancy debugger in a single statement.

pip install debug==0.3.2


import debug

Start fancy debugger in a single statement.

People debug with print. It's great in simple cases. Another debugging tool, pdb, is less popular as it requires more effort: one has to do a Google search, skim through documentation, type some long "trace... sth", and all of this only to get some unfriendly two-color shell that doesn't even seem to understand how tab key should work.

This project FTFY: you import debug and you find yourself in a debugger with syntax highlighting, tab completion, and readable dir() alternative. From there you can pretend you're just using interactive console -- you don't have to know any pdb commands, just remember that "c" closes debugger and goes back to your program.

(What really happens is that we simply start ipdb and import see for you.)


Put import debug right where you want to start debugging (it's like antigravity).

Thanks to some monkeys and some patches, it will work as many times as you need it to.


pip install debug


This little piece of glue code is written by Maciej Konieczny. It's released into the public domain and uses semantic versioning for release numbering.