Interface to the DEIMS-SDR API

pip install deims==4.0



This repository represents the latest version of a collection of python functions with the intention of easing access to DEIMS-SDR data ( This python package is openly available and free to use. Should you use DEIMS-SDR data for any studies or analyses, please cite the service accordingly. For further information about DEIMS-SDR, please refer to its About page (


Via pip (see the package on PyPI): pip install deims. Manually: download to working directory.

You can then import deims as normal.


Get the list of all verified sites of a network, e.g. ECN

  • deims.getListOfSites(network="a197664f-569e-4df6-933a-86de676dbfc5",verified_only=True)

Get the list of all network sites (verified and not verified), e.g. LTER Austria

  • deims.getListOfSites("d45c2690-dbef-4dbc-a742-26ea846edf28")

Get the list of all sites

  • deims.getListOfSites()

Get a particular site record by its DEIMS.ID (multiple formats of the DEIMS.ID are accepted)

  • deims.getSiteById(site_id="")
  • deims.getSiteById("1b94503d-285c-4028-a3db-bc78e31dea07")

Get all sites on DEIMS within 30km of latitude 47.84, longitude 14.44

  • deims.getSitesWithinRadius(lat=47.84,lon=14.44,distance=30000)

Get all sites on DEIMS within 1500m of latitude 57.08, longitude -3.667

  • deims.getSitesWithinRadius(57.08,-3.667,1500)

Get the coordinates or boundaries of a particular site as a GeoDataFrame

  • deims.getSiteCoordinates("8eda49e9-1f4e-4f3e-b58e-e0bb25dc32a6")
  • deims.getSiteBoundaries("8eda49e9-1f4e-4f3e-b58e-e0bb25dc32a6")

Get the coordinates boundaries of multiple sites and save them as a shapefile called "lter-austria.shp"

  • deims.getSiteCoordinates(deims.getListOfSites("d45c2690-dbef-4dbc-a742-26ea846edf28"),"lter-austria")
  • deims.getSiteBoundaries(deims.getListOfSites("d45c2690-dbef-4dbc-a742-26ea846edf28"),"lter-austria")