Compute diffusion scores over networks

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pip install diffupy==0.0.5



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DiffuPy is a generalizable Python implementation of the numerous label propagation algorithms. DiffuPy supports generic graph formats such as JSON, CSV, GraphML, or GML. Check out DiffuPy's documentation here.

Installation Current version on PyPI Stable Supported Python Versions Apache-2.0

The latest stable code can be installed from PyPI with:

$ python3 -m pip install diffupy

The most recent code can be installed from the source on GitHub with:

$ python3 -m pip install git+https://github.com/multipaths/DiffuPy.git

For developers, the repository can be cloned from GitHub and installed in editable mode with:

$ git clone https://github.com/multipaths/DiffuPy.git
$ cd diffupy
$ python3 -m pip install -e .

Command Line Interface

The following commands can be used directly from your terminal:

1. Run a diffusion analysis The following command will run a diffusion method on a given network with the given data. More information here.

$ python3 -m diffupy diffuse --network=<path-to-network-file> --data=<path-to-data-file> --method=<method>

2. Generate a kernel with one of the seven methods implemented Generates the regularised Laplacian kernel of a given graph. More information in the documentation.

$ python3 -m diffupy kernel --network=<path-to-network-file>


DiffuPy is a scientific software that has been developed in an academic capacity, and thus comes with no warranty or guarantee of maintenance, support, or back-up of data.