Distributed Management and orchestration through RESTful, Mesh Networking and with a flair of IoT.

pip install dimensigon==0.3.5


Dimensigon (DM) is our backend technology at store.dimensigon.com to bootstrap ELASTIC Services.

As main features:

  • Polyglot or Heterogeneous orquestrations
  • Mesh Networking
  • Decentralization of IoT or IoT 2.0 as we understand it for our own implementation.
  • Distributed-Decentralized Server Management, High-complex orchestrations
  • Full RESTful and easily embeddable
  • Distributed Vault for Configuration Management or Secrets
  • Log Federation
  • Double Encryption (SSL + Encrypted messaging by default)
  • ACLs for higher granularity and security control on top of OS Security.

All these functionality makes Dimensigon (DM) a good standard for companies serving as Coordination layer for all automation technologies (Polyglot). Dimensigon (DM) lowers the costs of administration and simplify the management of high-complex environments like Hybrid Multi-Cloud.

Dimensigon (DM) is a 100% Python and REAL Open Source project.

REAL Open Source => No Freemium or Enterprise versions would be available in the future