A Python library for Discord

discord, discord-api, python, python-2, python-3
pip install disco-py==0.0.14rc1



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Disco is an extensive and extendable Python 2.x/3.x library for the Discord API. Disco boasts the following major features:

  • Expressive, functional interface that gets out of the way
  • Built for high-performance and efficiency
  • Configurable and modular, take the bits you need
  • Full support for Python 2.x/3.x
  • Evented networking and IO using Gevent


Disco was built to run both as a generic-use library, and a standalone bot toolkit. Installing disco is as easy as running pip install disco-py, however some extra packages are recommended for power-users, namely:

Name Reason
requests[security] adds packages for a proper SSL implementation
ujson faster json parser, improves performance
erlpack (2.x), earl-etf (3.x) ETF parser run with the --encoder=etf flag
gipc Gevent IPC, required for autosharding


Simple bot using the builtin bot authoring tools:

from disco.bot import Bot, Plugin

class SimplePlugin(Plugin):
    # Plugins provide an easy interface for listening to Discord events
    def on_channel_create(self, event):
        event.channel.send_message('Woah, a new channel huh!')

    # They also provide an easy-to-use command component
    def on_ping_command(self, event):

    # Which includes command argument parsing
    @Plugin.command('echo', '<content:str...>')
    def on_echo_command(self, event, content):

Using the default bot configuration, we can now run this script like so:

python -m disco.cli --token="MY_DISCORD_TOKEN" --run-bot --plugin simpleplugin

And commands can be triggered by mentioning the bot (configured by the BotConfig.command_require_mention flag):