You can check the python-time, sql-time and query-count for each request for Django

pip install django-actionlog==0.9.14


Django Actionlog

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Getting Started

Django Action is can be check the python-time, sql-time and query-count for each requests for the Django Framework. Result outputs the log to file, console or fluentd.


Django Actionlog requires Django 1.6 or later

fluent-logger 0.4.1 or later

Getting It

You can get Django Actionlog by using pip or easy_install:

$ pip install django-actionlog
$ easy_install django-actionlog

If you want to install it from source, grab the git repository from GitHub and run

$ git clone git://
$ cd django-actionlog
$ python install

Installing It

To enable django-actionlog in your project you need to add it to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES and ACTION_LOG_SETTING in your projects file:


# Action Log
ACTION_LOG_SETTING = {'handler_type': 'stdout'}

Using It

Case of output runserver console

ACTION_LOG_SETTING = {'handler_type': 'stdout'}

Case of output file

# default logfile: `/tmp/django_action.log`
ACTION_LOG_SETTING = {'handler_type': 'file', 'logfile': '/tmp/my_action.log'}

Case of output fluentd

# default host: `localhost`
# default port: `24224`
# default tag_name: `django.actionlog`
ACTION_LOG_SETTING = {'handler_type': 'fluentd', 'host': '', 'tag_name': ''}

Case of want to output custom actionlog

from django_actionlog import actionlog

actionlog.output({'foo': 'bar', 'fizz': 'buzz'...})