Django application to manage online signature with AdobeSign.

peopledoc, anysign, adobesign
pip install django-adobesign==0.12


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django-adobesign is a Django application for Adobe AdobeSign's digital signature.

It implements django-anysign API.

Run the demo

  1. Create an account Adobe Sign

    Trial account: go to Adobe create trial account


Developer account with watermark: got Adobe developer account
  1. Create an application

    Go to your Adobe Sign Profile

  1. Setup the application

    Select the application then click on Configure OAuth for Application

    In the Redirect URI field set: "https://localhost:8000/token" then save.

  2. Obtain the corresponding application_id/application_secret

    Double click on the application

  3. Clone this repo

  4. Install Python module dependencies

    In django-adobesign, run: make demo

  5. Run the demo

    In django-adobesign, run: make serve

    Go to https://localhost:8000: https://localhost:8000

Adobe OAuth Diagram

Adobe Sign API is based on OAuth2 authentication.

Use MSCGen in mode MsGenny to visiualize the authentication sequence diagram