SPNEGO Kerberos authentication middleware for django

django, spnego, auth, ldap, middleware
pip install django-auth-spnego==0.1.1



This project provides SPNEGO and Kerberos authentication to a django project. You can do this with apache or IIS and use Django's RemoteUser middleware for authentication but I don't use those web servers and others don't support it.

The actual authorization is done using a middleware that handles the kerberos negotiation and the django user management and login handling implements the incredibly useful django-auth-ldap.

The hardest thing about getting this working is getting the kerberos set up properly between your application server and the AD domain. Some docs for this are coming.

If your django project uses sessions for much other than authentication then this project might not be for you, as the middleware will log a user out after the kerberos ticket has expired (default 600 minutes) which destroys the entire session. You can change this but then you have to figure out how you're going to destroy a session when the user's kerberos session ticket expires.


  • An Active Directory Domain
  • A valid kerberos configuration on your application server
  • An SPN created for the user running the application server


You will need to add the following to your in your django project.

Add the middleware to django's MIDDLEWARE setting below the AuthenticationMiddleware. The order of your middlware classes are important as django-auth-spnego requires request.user to be set by AuthenticationMiddleware. For example:


Add the LDAPBackend to your AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS setting:


Add the SPNEGO specific settings. It's critical you get these values right or none of this will work:

SPNEGO_REALM = 'LAB.AZMOO.ID.AU' # Your AD Domain. This is almost always capitalised.
SPNEGO_HOSTNAME = '' # The FQDN of your app server.
SPNEGO_EXPIRE_LOGIN = 600 # Set this to false to never expire

Finally you need to configure django-auth-ldap.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


  • Matt Magin - Initial work - AzMoo


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


  • The SSO implementation for GateOne was very useful to see how the kerberos library was supposed to be used.
  • django-auth-ldap saved me a load of time for the django auth side of things