A simple Django app to record tasks for you.

pip install django-bobgogo==1.1



bobgogo is a simple Django app to record tasks for you. You can create task with diffrent paras via admin page. Then users can commit task through the custom page. online documention

Quick start

  1. Install
# install from pypi
pip install django-bobgogo
# install from source
make build
make install
  1. Add "bob" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this
  1. modify the login url in setting
LOGIN_URL = '/bob/'
  1. Include the URLconf in your project like this
path('bob/', include('bob.urls')),
  1. Run python migrate to create the models.
  1. Start the development server and visit to create a task (you'll need the Admin app enabled).
  2. Visit and you can see what happened.