Creating Scrapy scrapers via the Django admin interface

django, python, scraper, scraping, scrapy, spider, webscraping
pip install django-dynamic-scraper==0.13.2



Django Dynamic Scraper (DDS) is an app for Django which builds on top of the scraping framework Scrapy and lets you create and manage Scrapy spiders via the Django admin interface. It was originally developed for german webtv program site


Read more about DDS in the ReadTheDocs documentation:

Donations/Support this Project

I would really like to spent more time for DDS but I am often hold back due to lack of resources and time. If you want to support development please consider a donation to one of the following cryptocurrency accounts:

Bitcoin 1P5sLQe4b8ZNCi7AheKL6d1CyzVE3reQUJ

Bitcoin QR-Code:


Your donation will be used to further improve the software and keep the software up-to-date. I will use an hourly rate of 20€ (~25$) as a basis and publish the work I did in the following Google Docs spreadsheet:

Getting Help/Updates

There is a mailing list on Google Groups, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions:

Infos about new releases and updates on Twitter: