a django app that provides a couple of fontawesome/django related utilities.

pip install django-fontawesome==1.0



django-fontawesome is a Django app that provides a couple of Fontawesome/Django related utilities, namely:

  • an IconField to associate Fontawesome icons with model instances
  • templatetags to render Fontawesome icons

also included:

  • admin support for the IconField
  • fr locale translation


  • PyYAML
  • Select2 (included)
  • JQuery (uses django's jquery in admin panel)


By default, django-fontawesome ships with and uses the lastest fontawesome release. You can configure django-fontawesome to use another release/source/cdn by specifying:

# default uses locally shipped version at 'fontawesome/css/font-awesome.min.css'
FONTAWESOME_CSS_URL = '//cdn.example.com/fontawesome-min.css'  # absolute url
FONTAWESOME_CSS_URL = 'myapp/css/fontawesome.min.css'  # relative url

You can also tell it the fontawesome prefix, which as of right now is 'fa', using:

FONTAWESOME_PREFIX = 'bg'  # default is 'fa'

Installation / Usage

  1. Install via pip:

    pip install django-fontawesome
  2. Add 'fontawesome' to your installed apps setting like this:

  3. Import and use the IconField:

    from fontawesome.fields import IconField
    class Category(models.Model):
        icon = IconField()

Here's what the widget looks like in the admin panel:


  1. You can then render the icon in your template like this:

    {% for category in categories.all %}
        {% if category.icon %}
            {{ category.icon.as_html }}
        {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}
  2. django-fontawesome ships with two template tags, fontawesome_stylesheet and fontawesome_icon.
    • the former inserts a stylesheet link with a pre-configured href according to the FONTAWESOME_CSS_URL setting

    • the latter renders icons, and accepts the following optional keywords arguments: large, spin, fixed, li, border: (true/false), rotate: (90/180/270), title: (string)

    • you can also colorize an icon using the color='red' keyword argument to the fontawesome_icon template tag

    • example usage:

      {% load fontawesome %}
        {% fontawesome_stylesheet %}
      {% fontawesome_icon 'user' color='red' %}
      {% fontawesome_icon 'star' large=True spin=True %}
      <ul class="fa-ul">
         <li> {% fontawesome_icon 'home' rotate=90 li=True %} One</li>
  3. profit!!!


1.0 - May 10, 2018

  • django 1.11 compability
  • usage of yaml's safe_load instead of insecure load
  • new pypi release (1.0), is now considered a stable release

0.3.1 - Dec 19, 2016

  • added unicode literals import for cases where icon title attribute uses non ascii chars

Nov 28, 2016

  • now suppots django 1.8+
  • python3 supported, supposedly
  • relative import issues fixed
  • updated icon mapping for fontawesome 4.7
  • tabular and stacked inlines now supported
  • other small fixes
  • new PyPI release (0.3)

Jan 28, 2016

  • updated icon mapping file (icons.yml) for fontawesome 4.5.0
  • new keyword arg for fontawesome_icon template tag: title

Dec 17, 2015

  • Updated locally shipped fontawesome to 4.5.0
  • fontawesome_icon's output is now marked safe

Sep 11, 2015

  • Updated locally shipped fontawesome to 4.4.0

Feb 27, 2015

  • added two new keyword argument to the fontawesome_icon template tag, color and border
  • FONTAWESOME_PREFIX setting is now taken into account when rendering icons using the fontawesome_icon template tag