django-formidable is a full django application which allows you to create, edit, delete and use forms.

api, django, dynamic-forms, form-builder, forms
pip install django-formidable==5.0.0




django-formidable is a full django application which allows you to create, edit, delete and use forms.


  • Python Compatibility : 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8
  • Django compatibility : Django 2.2.
  • Django REST Framework : Compatible from the version 3.9.x to 3.10.x

See the Deprecation timeline document for more information on deprecated versions.


MIT License


Latest version of the documentation:

If you want to build the documentation locally, you can try to run one of the following:

$ make docs
$ tox -e docs


A recent version of tox must be available on your system.

You can also browse the documentation locally, using the following, for example:

$ make docs serve-docs



$ pip install django-formidable


Define Roles

django-formidable allows access to a single form by different roles. The same form can thus be rendered in different ways. If you don't need to handle multiple roles you must still define at least one default role.

Define a method which returns a list of formidable.accesses.AccessObject:

def get_roles(self):
    return [
        AccessObject(id='padawan', label='Padawan'),
        AccessObject(id='jedi', label='Jedi')

Fill the settings key:

FORMIDABLE_ACCESS_RIGHTS_LOADER = 'yourproject.access_rights.get_roles'

Get context

While accessing a form for a specific role, you need to provide a way in which to get the correct context to use.

request and kwargs are fetched from the view (self.request, self.kwargs)

def get_context(request, kwargs):
    return request.user.user_type

Next fill the setting key FORMIDABLE_CONTEXT_LOADER

FORMIDABLE_CONTEXT_LOADER = 'yourprojects.access_rights.get_context'

Define URLs

URLs are defined in formidable.urls. You can load them with the following line:

url(r'^api/', include('formidable.urls', namespace='formidable'))

By default, the views are not accessible, the permissions loaded are fully restrictive. To allow any access to the view fill your settings with


To handle special permissions, please refer to the online documentation.