Django reusable app that provides an admin interface to a freeradius database

django, freeradius, radius, AAA, openwisp, freeradius-webinterface, networking
pip install django-freeradius==0.1



WARNING: The development of this project has moved to openwisp-radius, we advise all users of django-freeradius to follow the tutorial below to migrate their existing database:

  1. Take a backup of your database.
  2. Create JSON backup of data that's required for migration with the following command:
# Go to the django-freeradius repository (or installed app)
cd tests/
python dumpdata auth.user > user.json
python dumpdata > group.json
python dumpdata auth.permission > permission.json
python dumpdata contenttypes > contenttype.json
python dumpdata sites > site.json
python dumpdata socialaccount > social.json
python dumpdata django_freeradius > freeradius.json
pwd # copy output of the command
  1. Setup openwisp-radius
  2. Use the upgrader script:
# In the openwisp-radius repository
python tests/ upgrade_from_django_freeradius --backup <output-copied-in-step-2>

For any support, please reach out to us on the chat channel on gitter or use the mailing list.

The development of django-freeradius is discontinued and this repository is archived.