Pluggable django invoicing app

django, invoice, pdf
pip install django-invoice2==0.1.1


Author: Tomas Peterka & Simon Luijk

Django Invoice

General purpose invoicing app.

This app provides simple (but sufficient) Invoice model with export abilities. The default export is into PDF but it's easy to write and use your own. The app is python 3 compatible, has full unicode fonts and ability to use company logo.

The model provides an option to use your own Address model via setting INVOICE_ADDRESS_MODEL and Bank Account model via INVOICE_BANK_ACCOUNT_MODEL. Both settings the has to be a string with full class name (e.g. "myproject.core.models.CompanyInformation"). The only rule for custom models is that it has to have a method as_text which returns unicode string with newline separators n. Addresses will be used as contractor and subscriber.

If BankAccount reference is presented then it will be rendered below contractor information with Variable symbol: {{ }}.

The invoice is intended to be referenced via foreign key from another model which handles access policy and payments. These mechanisms are not provided in this app in favor of generality.

Invoice has some interesting methods:

invoice.export_bytes() - returns bytes of rendered invoice

invoice.export_response() - returns HttpResponse with the invoice as an attachment

invoice.export_file(basedir) - saves the invoice into a file in basedir and returns absolute path to the file

invoice.export_attachment() - returns MIMEApplication usable in email

email = EmailMessage(to=[email, ], subject="Invoice", text="Hello")

Here we provide an example invoice generated from test



I took one possible step to localization. That is usage of standard library locale. It uses your system's locale by default. To change this behaviour you need to set up settings.LANG to something like "cs_CZ.UTF-8" for Czech locale or "en_GB.UTF-8" for British locale.

The dates are different though! Because I wasn't able to make locale's formatting work I rely on django's formatting through settings.SHORT_DATE_FORMAT. Therefor if you want different dates formatting this is the way to go.

Exports module

Provides base class Export for overriding and HtmlExport class which is the default exporter. You can find class PdfExport in exporters.pdf which needs reportlab fot it's functionality. Unfortunately the reportlab is not python3 compatible. The exporter instance is stored as class attribute in Invoice.export. One can modify this attribute to substitute it's own exporter. All Invoice's methods export_* will be functional the same. Here is a example

from myproject import MyExporter

order = MyOrder.objects.get(pk=1)
order.invoice.export = MyExporter()

email = EmailMessage(to=[email, ], subject="Invoice", text="Hello")


We provide an example project. For running you need just django, reportlab and Pillow installed.

There is currently only the admin interface which allows you to try to make your own Invoices and export them via admin action. If you want to play with the admin, don't forget to syncdb first.

You can run tests from this example app. You can run the test

cd testapp/
python test invoice